Welcome to Happy Home

Welcome to Happy Home

Who we are

We are a one-stop household and kitchenware destination for communities all over Malaysia. Customers who walk in can purchase not only everyday kitchen and household goods, but can also acquire plenty of equipment and apparatus for their small businesses as well as other seasonal goods.

The name Happy Home was chosen because we aim to make whole families and households happy whenever they pay us a visit. There is always something for everyone—the perfect shopping destination for both adults and children.

Our History

Our company was established in 2002. From a small scale of just one store, we grew all across Malaysia to the extensive network we are today. Our branches are of different sizes depending on their location. We are known as Happy Home Superstore (19 outlets), Kedai Borong Dinnh (6 outlets), and Happy Home Household (8 outlets) in the various locales. All of these outlets are under the ownership and management of our holding company, Hoe Huat Trading Sendirian Berhad (10 outlets). The goods carried in each branch is standard, but may have some variations in certain locales dictated by market demand and trends. As we are also a very customer-centric retailer, our top priority is active communication—maintaining a close relationship with the communities where we are located.

Our Mission & Vision

To be the preferred neighbourhood household products and vendors equipment store. Mission: To constantly strive to maintain the position as an integral part of the local community and economy. And to constantly set trends for customer service and products sold.